Preventative health care initiatives

Our expertise bridges many industries. The health industry is one such example of how using our innovation strategy, process and tools allowed us to do this seamlessly.

The City of London is a city and county within London. London (Londinion) was settled by the Romans in 1st century AD it is the oldest part of London. City & Hackney Health Authority required our expertise to develop new ideas on preventative care and accessible health services within the region. The facts: the City of London has a population of over one million people who are concentrated in the downtown core. The make up of which also consist of; commuting city workers and residents. City & Hackney is culturally diverse with over 40 languages spoken, with this many people in such a concentrated area, tackling issues around sickness, accidents, preventative and outpatient care effectively was challenging.

Our first action was to develop a “people-centered” approach. We created: positive human behaviour. The idea reflected the fact that the population represented many cultures, yet shared common health needs and outcomes. These facts were developed into the innovation strategy. We researched and gathered insights of how people took in information as they moved through the city and how they were connected to their own local health services. Employing a journey mapping process, we identified the key contact points. Our findings were brought back to the health management team and health care professionals and we co-created with them to brainstorm service solutions. We presented the solution of using a “brand butler” trend, which involved being there when you are needed.

Through the “brand butler” trend, we implemented the use of a fully equipped mobile health unit. Bringing health care to the population instead of waiting for them to show up in the system presenting symptoms. This allowed commuters to connect with the health care service there and then and not wait until they got home or miss time off work. The Health Authority could now provide access to health not only to commuters, but also to the local population. This improved the management’s ability to communicate more effectively with health care staff, gather more specific health data and metrics. The benefits of this value-based solution were to lessen stress, absenteeism and improve productivity. Continuous engagement further enabled the public to get timely information on health strategies and programs within the City of London and Hackney. It also delivered effective management and cost of ongoing health strategies.




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