The designed experience

TransformExp specialises in designing experiences. We work internationally to create inspiring campaigns and environments that engage people to love, buy and share products and services. We are strategic innovators that deliver results and lasting impact that’s memorable and shareable. We incorporate strategy, insights, user experience, creativity, experiential marketing and digital technology. TransformExp develops new ideas to increase awareness, and engagement for customers, supporters or donors with strategies that are results focused and shareable. We work with C-level executives, decision makers, government and management teams, to drive the future growth of their organisations through innovation.

What we’ve done

Working with corporate companies we have developed strategies to engage future investors and partners, to secure multi-million dollar international contracts. We’ve repositioned and rebranded a financial services client that then went on to successfully attract a global buyer. Our results have; engaged the public on environmental plans through positive engagement and reduced opposition. In healthcare, we developed a strategy to bring care to local populations, instead of waiting for people to show up in the system presenting chronic symptoms. Every organisation is different and we research widely; to develop experiences, unique strategies, business development, marketing and branding ideas, right through to the creative delivery of; design, websites, events, photography, video production, Social Media and digital technology.

Leaders + creative minds

If people aren’t loving, buying or sharing what you do then it’s time to explore a new approach with TransformExp. Many organisations are looking for ways to be innovative, develop creative ideas and create a fresh approach to differentiate. Look no further. We want to talk to organisations who are interested in exploring something new and creating experiences that people respond to. We have an approach that encourages the flow of new ideas and tackles hard real-world organisational problems. When leaders of organisations collaborate with creative minds, they harness the power of opposites to discover new ideas. TransformExp helps you create shareable content, engage clients, see results and drive the future growth and success of your organisation.


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