Torafu Architects Suspend Bubbly Balloons of Light For Tokyo Installation

Illuminated glass droplets full of bubbles appear to fall from the ceiling in this installation by Japanese studio Torafu Architects.

The Water Balloon installation at the Konica Minolta Plaza Gallery in Tokyo was created by Torafu Architects for the Eco & Art Award 2014 exhibition.

The designers worked with a glass artist to form a series of hand-blown bulbs from recycled material. Each fluorescent lamp is a different shape and patterned with bubbles created during the blowing process.

“The bubbles inside each unique shape help produce a distinctive ethereal light,” said the designers.

Suspended from wires at various heights around the small room, the 36 “water balloons” pulsate with light in the dark space. “We strive to create a space where [visitors] can catch a glimmer of a new natural environment,” the designers added.

CATEGORY: Design, Form & Function, Experiential

CREDIT: Photography by Masaki Ogawa

DATE: 07/28/14


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